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NPC (Non-Player Character) are all creatures or characters that are not played by Players. They inhabit the world of Freewar in large numbers.

Most of them are killed in order to gain Experience, Gold and sometimes Dropitems. Some NPCs also play a role in Quests.

If an NPC dies, it will Respawn after a while and can be attacked again.

You can find NPCs with varying Attack Power. Weak NPCs are the Shadow Weasel or the Hare, which can be easily killed by a beginner while loosing just a few Life Points. Stronger is the Old Grotto Snake, which requires a few thousand Experience Points.

Since 21 October 2006 some of the NPCs have their own images.


Not all NPCs have the same abilities. There are three different groups of NPCs.

Normal NPC[edit]

The normal NPC is the most common one. Usually they just have a few Life Points and little Attack Power. They mostly drop a nice amount of Gold Coins. Some of the best known NPCs of this type are the Old Man, the Silverfox and the Ghost of Pur Pur.


A far more powerful type of NPCs is the Unique-NPC. They can only be hit by single Strikes. Usually, they have a much higher Attack Power as well as a much higher number of Life Points. It is advisable to fight them in a Party and to weaken them by using Ranged Weapons before fighting. Furthermore there can never be two identical Unique-NPCs worldwide. The only exception is the Tower Ghost, which can exist several times.

Many Unique-NPCs can move independently or defend themselves by incapacitating the player, poisoning him, etc.


The last and most persistent generation of NPCs are the Party-NPCs. They call very high Attack Power and a huge number of Life Points their like own. Just like the Unique-NPCs, some Party-NPCs are able to move independently or defend themselves.

However, killing a Party-NPC is mostly worth the trouble since they might drop a desired Amulet.

XP-Gain by NPC-Kills[edit]

The amount of Experience gained in the case of a victory in a fight against an NPC ranges from 0 XP, e.g. when killing the Jerodar Apprentice, to as much as 20 XP, when killing the Water Wraith. You will not get any XP when your amount of XPs is five times higher than your Academy-Limit and you can call least 5000 XP your own.

Gold from NPCs[edit]

Each NPCs drops a certain amount of Gold Coins after its death. This amount ranges from 0 Gold Coins (e.g. Rattlesnake) to 200 Gold Coins (e.g. Father of Spineshot Hedgehogs). By learning the Skill Plundering, that amount can be increased. The amount dropped by the NPC you are about to kill increases automatically, if the NPC has not been killed for a certain period of time. With that, an NPC can accumulate av amount of gold as high as 10.000 Gold Coins if it was not killed for a month or so. There is a bonus of 500 Gold Coin as soon as the NPC was not killed for a day. This so-called Gold Drop Bonus is actually nothing more than "accumulated funds" of this NPC. However, some NPCs are excluded of this Gold Drop Bonus (have a look at).

How to[edit]

Find NPCs[edit]

NPCs can be found by randomly walking around or using a Unified Soul Capsule, a Giant Soul Capsule or normal Soul Capsules, a Soul Sphere, Visions of the Mindless or the Soul Pyramid.

Summoning of NPCs[edit]

NPCs can be summoned by using a Lesser Summoning of the Mindless or a normal Summoning of the Mindless, a Resurrection Mist, a Greater Resurrection Mist, a Global Resurrection Spell, a Local Resurrection Spell, a Greater Local Resurrection Spell, a Summoning Spell of Pironians, the weather effect Beautiful Weather, or the Skill Hunting.

Shrinking of NPCs[edit]

NPCs can be shrunken by using a Shrinking Spell. By doing so they will turn into Magical Items, which will last 7 days. Their durability can be extended by using a Wand of Magic or a Wand of Greater Magic. In addition, the durability of 7 days can be renewed by feeding them with Pet Food or feeding them at The Feeding Trough in the Valley of Ruins. You can feed your Pet as often as you want and you are yet again able to extend its durability by using a Wand of Magic or a Wand of Greater Magic. The shrinkage is either used to sell the shrunken NPC at the Slaughterhouse or for the fulfilment of a Quest. Nevertheless, some players might just shrink an NPC to keep it as a Pet.

NPCs and Quests[edit]

Concerning the world of Freewar, NPCs can play different roles. For some Quests you only need to bring a few Items. For other Quests it is required to shrink that concerning NPC or to use a certain item to be able to make it move to a specific place. Plus, there are also NPCs, which can only be defeated by completing a Quest in the first place, e.g. the Stone Colossus.

Location of NPCs[edit]

Almost all of the NPCs respawn at a place specific for them. Exceptions are some of the Unique- and Party-NPCs as well as a few of the normal NPCs. Those Unique- and Party-NPCs are able to move on their own, which is the reason why they do not have to be necessarily in a certain area all the time. The few NPCs, who do not have their own place to respawn, are respawning randomly somewhere on the surface.

NPCs without Home Fields
Marsupial Tiger Icebird
Earth Skelkos Earthbird
Firebird The four Shadow Creatures
Treasure Hunter World Wanderer

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