Valley of Ruins

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Valley of Ruins

The Valley of Ruins borders on the Forest of the Lonely Tree in the south, on the Sandstone Gorge in the west and on Hewn in the North. In Northeast of the Area are the Mountain Meadows, where on a field the NPC Wizard of the Mountain Meadows appear. Next to the north comes the grand River, which ends in a few fields in the Cave. There is also a Quest built.

In the Valley of Ruins there is a magic sphere point, because you can easily with a kleinen, a compressed or großen Zauberkugel get into the area.

Release date unknown.

Actual informations to this area, can you find in the Overview of important places and the Fields list.

Quests: This area belongs to one or more Quests.


  • On 17 December 2008, the Valley of the ruins was always for a new image, as Sotrax found the ruins were the ugliest Area Free Wars. Originally Posted by Sotrax from the german forum: "Do it well, but what should be done. The ruins in ruins and halt the decline is unstoppable. And it's just so happens that some of the old ruins, overgrown plants." Thus, the worm also ruins came into the game. Restless wayfarer has designed the card for the new Valley of the Ruins.
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