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What are Skills?

There are different Skills that may transform a character into a great gold digger, a prosperous tissue hunter or a quick NPC hunter. Skills are one possibility of individualizing a character. A character can develop into a certain direction. Achieved Skills can not be undone, switched or altered via sponsoring, all Skills are permanent.

Most Skills improve the yield of a task that can be done by any player even without the Skill. For example the Skill Gold Mining increases the money you gain for working in the Gold Mine.

There are other Skills that enable you to accomplish a task, like the Skill Magic Preservation.

How do you train?

Strictly speaking, one must differ between the acquiring of a Skill (level 1) and the training of a Skill (Level 2 and more).

To acquire a Skill you need to buy and read (use) the corresponding Book. The book will dissolve and the character gets the Skill at Level 1. Using a book is always possible, even while you are training another Skill. All higher Levels are reached by selecting the Skill to be trained in the Skill menu (top right) and using the link Train level .... A character that never read any book does not have any Skills.

Training is possible at any time. The training lasts a certain amount of time -from a few minutes to several days- which depends on the following factors:

  • which Skill is trained
  • which Level shall be reached
  • which Level of the Learning Aptitude Skill the player has.

The wiki pages of each Skill include detailled training timetables. The training time can be reduced by using spells like the Spell of Very Quick Knowledge.

The training does not influence the normal gaming. Moreover, the training even continues when you log out, are incapacipated or jailed.

Once the training of one Skill is finished, it is possible to train the next Level or another Skill using the Skill menu again. Sponsors are able to put the Skills into a training queue, so the training will be continued without losing a second of time.

The most important Skill to train is the Learning Aptitude - it will always be useful while other Skills can prove to have been a mistake due to the developing way of playing.

The wiki pages of the professions include tipps, what Skills are useful for what tasks. See also: Tips/Tricks:Skills.

Race bonus

Since September 23rd, 2006 all Races have a bonus on different Skills. That means that this Race is training this certain Skill 3% faster than all other Races.

Race depending Skills are listed here:

Race Skill
Human/Worker Life Energy, Repairmanship
Human/Warrior Ranged Weapons, Strength Training
Human/Sorcerer Tissue Research, Wizardry
Onlo Hunting, Cookery
Natla Party Healing, Marketing, Luck
Dark Mage Magic Preservation, Advocacy
Serum Wraith Quest Planning, Plundering
Tarunan Toughness Training, Attack Energy



What Skills exist?

Skill Book Origin (Price) Effect of each Level Max level Race Bonus for
Attack Energy Book of Attack Energy Lord of the Frost Demons Increases the effect of the Figurine of Horicon and the Figurine of Great Strength by 1%. 10 Tarunan
Quest Hall Negotiation Book of Quest Hall Negotiation Pironian Decreases the price of Quest Hall items by 1%. 40 --
Quest Planning Book of Quest Planning House of Knowledge 500 Increases the payment for quests by 1%. 70 Serum Wraith
Excavation Knowledge Book of Excavation Knowledge Father of Spineshot Hedgehogs Decreases the usage time of the excavation shovel by 4%. 70 --
Banking Book of Banking Excavation Shovel Decreases the daily bank deposit costs by 1%. 80 --
Engineering Book of Engineering House of Knowledge 3000 Decreases the construction time of buildings by 1%. 70 --
Theft Protection Book of Theft Protection House of Knowledge 480 Decreases the price for Theft Protection by 3%. 50 --
Corn Processing Book of Corn Processing House of Knowledge 420 Decreases the corn processing price by 15%. 30 --
Tissue Research Book of Tissue Research The Red Cottage 500 Increases the payment for tissue mission by 1%. 50 Human Sorcerer
Luck Book of Luck Larpan "This and that" happens. 15 Natla
Gold Mining Book of Gold Mining Shop (Buran) 300 Increases the profit of Gold Mining by 5%. 30 --
Party Healing Book of Party Healing Sula Lizard Increases the effect of Party Healing by 3 LP. 120 Natla
Craftsmanship Book of Craftsmanship House of Knowledge 250.000 Enables to produce Items in the Craftsman`s Workshop. 6 --
Inner Strength Book of Inner Strength House of Knowledge 500 Decreases the time between two uses of the Special Race Skill by 5%. 50 --
Hunting Book of Hunting The Forest House 350 Increases the chance to find small NPCs by 5%. 50 Onlo
Cookery Book of Cookery House of Knowledge 350 Cooked meals heal 1 LP more. 80 Onlo
Lab Work Book of Lab Work House of Knowledge 80000 Enables to produce spells in the magic lab. 28 --
Depot Logistics Book of Depot Logistics House of Knowledge 3000 Decreases the depot upgrading price by 1%. 70 --
Life Energy Book of Life Energy Drop-Item Increases the effect of the Staff of Life Energy by 1%. 30 Human/Worker
Toughness Training Book of Toughness Training The White House of Lorania 500 Decreases the price for Academies of Life by 1%. 50 Tarunan
Learning Aptitude Book of Learning Aptitude The Salt Shop 500 Decreases the training time of all other Skills by 3%. 50 --
Magic Preservation Book of Magic Preservation The Northern Hut 2000 Increases the effect of the Wand of Magic by 5%. 30 Dark Mage
Marketing Book of Marketing Graveyard House 250 Decreases the fee of selling Items in the Market Hall by 10%. 50 Natla
Oil Management Book of Oil Management House of Knowledge 1000 Increases the money paid for Barrels of Oil in the forge by 1%. 60 --
Herblore Book of Herblore House of Knowledge 50000 Enables to harvest plants. 80 --
Phase Energy Efficiency Book of Phase Energy Efficiency Gigantic Spindle Strider, Small Spindle Strider, Spindle Strider Accelerates the loading of phase energy by 1%. 70 --
Phase Energy Maximization Book of Phase Energy Maximization Phase Shop ? 10000 Increases the maximal amount of Phase Energy Points by 2%. 80 --
Phase Theory Book of Phase Theory House of Knowledge 5000 Increases the chance to get a Phase Sphere of a Phased NPC by 1%. 70 --
Plundering Book of Plundering The House of Warriors 480 Increases the money gain of every killed NPC by 1%. 30 Serum Wraith
Repairmanship Book of Repairmanship The Stone Shop 300 Decreases the price of repairing weapons and armour by 10%. 30 Human/Worker
Ranged Weapons Book of Ranged Weapons The Hunter`s Camp 600 Enables to use ranged weapons. 16 Human/Warrior
Soul Connection Book of Soul Connection House of Knowledge 100000 Increases the chance to get a soul capsule of an NPC by 0,5%. 60 --
Regeneration Book of Regeneration The Northern Hut 1500 Increases the effect of the Stone of Regeneration by 1 LP. 60 --
Strength Training Book of Strength Training House of Darkness 400 Decreases the price of Academies of Stength by 1%. 50 Human/Warrior
Advocacy Book of Advocacy House of Knowledge 450 Increases the donation of the Universal Foundation by 2%. 50 Dark Mage
Weapon Finesse Book of Weapon Finesse The Nomad Village 200 Increases the durability of weapons and armour by 10%. 30 --
Wizardry Book of Wizardry Green Rotor-Dragonfly Enables to use certain spells. 8 Human Sorcerer
Magic Chest Knowledge Book of Magic Chest Knowledge House of Knowledge 200000 Enables to open and produce Magic Chests. 40 --

Cumulative effect

The marked Skills underlie an interest calculation. For example a Skill that improves by 1% each Level has a total improvement of 100%+1%)50 - 100% ≈ 64% at Level 50.


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