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Disambig-dark.svg This article talks about the unit Life Points. Fot the condition with the equal name please look at Life Points (Condition).

Life Points are the unit that shows the health of your character. There is a difference between the maximal Life Points and the current Life Points. In the game they are separeted by a slash.


As mentioned before, Life Points are distinguished in current and maximal.

Current Life Points[edit]

The current number of Life Points is a very variable value. The lowest possible number of current Life Points is 0; your character is still alive at that point. The number of Current Life Points can directly be influences by Players, NPCs and other factors. Spells like Searing Flesh or the Weather Rain can change the amount of current Life Points heavily.

In general the amount of current Life Points plays an important role in fights with other players: The more Life Points are available, the more likely it is to win the fight. They are also important when fighting NPCs. If you are for example fighting a Party-NPC like the Temple Guardian, you will need a sufficient amount of current Life Points, because the NPC heals itself at weak characters.

Maximal Life Points[edit]

The amount of current Life Points is limited by the maximal Life Points. The current amount of Life Points can never be more than equal to the maximal amount of Life Points.

Attention: In contrast to the Attack Power, Intelligence and Defence are the maximal Life Points not increasing with the number of XP.


If you reach a critical amount of current Life Points, they will be displayed in red.

You should heal yourself if you reach that condition. There are different possibilities:

  1. Places of Healing that heal all your Life Points.
  2. Places of Healing that heal a specific amount of Life Points.


The amount of maximal Life Points can be increased in different, permanent or temporary, ways:

Academy of Life[edit]

The most common way of increasing one's Life Points is taking a course at the Academy of Life. There you can increase your maximal Life Points permanenty by one Life Point per course. This can be made undone at The Dark Tower.

Staff of Life Energy[edit]

Another possibility is the Staff of Life Energy. This staff can increase the maximal Life Points of Player, but not those of the operator, for an hour. The increased number of Life Points depends on the current Level of the Skill Life Energy of the operator.

Spell of Prolonged Life[edit]

The Spell of Prolonged Life increases the Life Points of a Tarunan by 50% for half an hour. The Tarunan has to have the Skill Wizardry at level 7. The Spell can only be used every 8 hours.

Pot in Plefir[edit]

It is also possible to increase your Life Points at the Pot in Plefir by 10%. By doing this you are also completely healed.


The Life Points can also be decreased.

The Dark Tower[edit]

At The Dark Tower in The Lost Valley you can make any past course at the Academy of Life undone. You will get half of the money you spent back.


Killing the Unique-NPC Kurnotan - The Dark Mage will be punished by a curse that reduces your maximal Life Points by 50% for 20 minutes.

Dust Skeleton[edit]

Killing the Dust Skeleton could possibly lead to a Life Point reduction of 50% for 10 minutes. This does not happen at every kill.

Curse of Affliction[edit]

A dark Mage can reduce the Life Points of other Players by 10% for 10 minutes with the Spell Curse of Affliction. The Spell does not work if the Life Points of that player are increased or already reduced by more than 10%.

Beginner's Life Points[edit]

At first the maximal number of Life Points depends on the chosen Race. Each Race has different values at the beginning for all units and therefore also different Life Points.

Life Points at the start of playing[edit]

Race Life Points
Human Worker 15
Human Warrior 18
Human Sorcerer 12
Onlo 16
Natla 14
Dark Mage 13
Serum Wraith 15
Tarunan 23