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The FreewarWiki is subject to constant expansion and editing by different users. Nevertheless, to maintain consistent quality and a good level of content of each article, there is a quality assurance. It deals with the development of suboptimal articles or displays deletion requests for articles, which do not meet the guidelines or principles.

Missing articles

The FreewarWiki is never complete. It can always happen here and there, that one or another statement or individual items are missing. In addition, it can happen that there are links to articles that do not exist in the wiki.

To complete the wiki, can therefore be linked, created non-existent article or desired items to be discussed.

When non-existent items are linked to, it is also worthwhile to look at the references. If for example there is a link to a player's name in a unique article, you should think about linking it in the corresponding article.

Article revise

Some articles in FreewarWiki are incomplete, vague, or couched in very short or overlap with others. In many short articles, the potential exists for more. Anyone can edit these articles and help to develop and improve.

Some articles do not meet the Template conventions and should urgently be reviewed. Such raw articles are not welcome in the wiki. Even rumors of articles should be advised accordingly. You can edit this article yourself. Everyone can help make the FreewarWiki appealing to all users and easy to explain.

Deletion management

From time to time articles or contributions find their way into the wiki by vandalism, articles which do not really belong here. Sometimes it is enough simply to undo the changes in one article. This can easily be done in the version history of the article itself.

But it is also that such vandals also create articles with meaningless content, or articles are created whose content does not correspond to the Guidelines for articles. In such cases, you can suggest them for speedy deletion.

For larger or older articles it may also happen that they eventually become useless. If this can not be corrected by undoing a few of the last changes, you should make a deletion request. Once that is done the users of the wiki will discuss whether this is the right step to be taken.

An item can never be completely erased from the database. An administrator can also restore the items after they have been deleted. If you think that an article or the wrong version of an article was deleted, you can ask him/her to restore.


The FreewarWiki is based on the collaboration of a community that strives to improve the quality of the wiki and to communicate among themselves. Therefore, discussions are important. The FreewarWiki answers with much patience the questions of newcomers to the Wiki or Freewar. If necessary, you can also ask a user directly on their talk pages.

Discussions are also used to calculate the chance of special events statistically. For such cases the FreewarWiki has prepared the line list system in which any registered user can make a contribution.

Verifying articles

Sometimes it happens that a user edits an article unneutrally and includes their own opinions. In principle, no such thing happen because the Wiki tries to create an objective data collection. One such article or section may identify you, as you place the template {{Neutrality}} at the beginning of the relevant text portion. If the reason for it is not obvious, you should click the talk page of the article and state the reasons for it.


For special cases there are little guidelines that you should consider. The special to-do list must be processed at the start of a new world. And unknown phenomena or other markings on Quality Assurance can be found here.