Marsupial Tiger

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- Marsupial Tiger (Party-NPC)
A giant tiger which has a pouch on its abdomen. The tiger glows magically.
Attack Power: 40


Life Points: 8000 LP
Experience: 3 XP   Respawn:

All over the world
This NPC will respawn in this area. If it is able to move on its own, you will also find it in other regions.

Gold: 20 Gold


  • This NPC absorbs the entire damage, except for the additional damage generated by the party members located on the same field:
Marsupial Tiger absorbs XY points of damage.
  • This NPC bids a 10x higher chance for all Drop-Items.
  • This NPC absorb the entire damage, except for the additional damage that is generated by the Field located on the same Groupmembers:
Marsupial Tiger absorbed xy damage
  • The NPC offers a 10x greater chance of all Drop-Items.
The wounds of Marsupial Tiger close to and Maruspial Tiger cures xy life.