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The term item comes from English and means object. In terms of Freewar it has naturalized in the meantime to call all carried along objects as items. All items can be placed in an safe deposit box or Clanschließfach, and on the marketplace in Hewn in the Market Hall, in an arbitrary Shop be in the Auction Hall sold or directly between two players.

There are a large number of items. They are generally divided into the following types:

(The common grouping of spells and items and the applicable definition for "other items" is somewhat unfortunate. Everything that has an "apply" link comes in the category of "magic and the applicable items, such as next single and multiple applicable spells and weapons, wrapped gifts, arrow bag, or some parts of composite weapons, the first by applying to be a weapon. Other items on the other hand, where you can very well say that they "apply", but which have no explicit Apply "link - for example Items that are used to open doors or items that are needed as supplies for the application of any other items - are classified as "other items" classified.)

Furthermore, a distinction between ordinary items and magic items.

The weapons play a role, especially in the battle system, while the spell may be used for very different purposes. Other items are part of the quests, cooking, or just for owning common and these items are specially grouped.

Generally exist in an item the following:

  • Examine
  • Drop
  • Transfer
  • Hold up

While viewing one sees again the text description of the item and any use of the criteria and the information, whether the item specific protection, has against Protection against Death or Theft Protection (so no items which differ in the degree of protection) groups. It is also possible since 10.03.2009 also the direct transmission and storing. Here the selection of quick spell is also possible. When transferring the item you pass to any person in the room. But you can not transfer items, if the recipient were overcharged for it. When storing the item is removed from the inventory and emerges on the field. As has been little protection against the accidental dropping of items on 04/28/2006 for each drop would an additional query ("How many items of type should be saved ...") installed, previously only appeared if we had more than a similar item here.

The more items you are stowed, the more load it to the database, where growth is not linear but is quadratic. This means that a person charged with 500 items the server far more, as five players who have 100 items here. From a certain number of items retained permanently, the players get a Mod-letter that they should carry less.

A similar scheme is for the bank deposit box, even if there are some more items.

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