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The currency in Freewar is based on single Gold Coins. "gc" is often used as an abbrevation.


At the following Locations you can store or invest your gold.

  • At the Universal Bank, though there is a bank limit which depends on your XP (There is a set limit of 7500 Gold Coins until you reach 150 XP . With every additional XP your bank limit will be raised by 50gc)
  • At the Clan Bank which has a set bank limit of 300'000 gold coins.
  • You can invest your gold in shares at the Stock Exchange in Reikan.
  • You can invest your gold in items. You can buy expensive luxury items, keep them in your bank deposit box and sell them again to other players as and when required.

How to get gold[edit]

There are nearly endless possibilities, yet here are some of the most known ways of how to get gold coins:

What needs to be done Intervall Amount of gold Requirements
By killing NPCs from 0 to 200 (the amount of gold can be increased by the Plundering skill or a self-accumulating Bonus) Sufficient Attack Power, Defence, Life Points and Weapons
By handing in shrinked NPCs at the Slaughterhouse 0 to 450 Shrinking Spell and sufficient Intelligence in order to use the spell.
By working in the Gold Mine 10 Minutes 15 (can be increased by the Gold Mining skill)
Through Bank interests at the Universal Bank 1 day 1% per day, max. 350gc Gold on your bank account.
By sifting Gold at the River of Nawor 2 Minutes 0, 1, 5, 10, 200, 1.000 or 10.000gc Gold Pan
By collecting and selling items Item source
By cooking and selling to other players or to the Odd Tavern Ingrediences, cookery skill.
By working as a bounty hunter Hunted players need to be attackable.
Through Tissue Research. (bite other players with a Tissue Worm and deliver the Tissue Sample at the Tissue Research Station (Place) ) regulated by the amount of players online 100-500 (can be increased by learning the Tissue Research skill) Tissue Worm
By buying and selling shares Shares
From the Universal Foundation 1 day 0 - 300gc (can be increased by learning the Advocacy skill) XP
By killing other Characters Sufficient Attack Power, Defence, Life Points and Weapons
By changing your Gold into counterfeit gold - 10% (If you do not get double-dealed) Gold in your Inventory
Through Ingame-Games against other players or virtual players (The Northern Casino, The Ferdolian Casino, Black Jack in the basement of the Tavern of the Lonely Tree, Dust Square in Kolun at The Old Games House)
By picking up gold coins which other players have lost.
By stealing items from other players (it is impossible to steal gold) Thievery Spell
By accomplishing quests of the Quest Halls depends on assigned quest (can be increased by the Quest Planning skill)
By selling Barrels of Oil 135gc (can be increased by the Oil Management skill) Oil Pipeline

Cash (The gold in your hand/inventory)[edit]

Cash gold is the amount of gold coins that are in your inventory thus the amount of gold in your hand. You can only purchase Items, such as Spells or Weapons with the gold you have in your hand. It is impossible to purchase anything with the gold on your Bank Account