Local Resurrection Spell

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lokaleauferstehung.gif Local Resurrection Spell
A Spell of Local Resurrection can reanimate all the NPCs on the field. However, in order for the spell to work at least 4 players must use such a spell. Every use beyond that will immediately reawaken the dead NPCs, as long as at least 3 people who have previously used the spell on the field have not left the field. Required Intelligence: 5.
(Spell, level: 5)
Requirements:   Origin:
  • One can only use one Local Resurrection Spell in 30 minutes

Attention: This is the normal market price for this item, but it still can vary in the different worlds. Details can be found at the Market Price Page.

  • Lets all NPCs on the field respawn, if already 3 other persons used the spell on this field, and nobody of those left the field, and if not more than 15 minutes have passed since the use of the first spell.
Example User uses a Local Resurrection Spell. However the spell will only have an effect if XY more players use a Spell of local Resurrection on this field.
Example User uses a Local Resurrection Spell and brings all NPCs back to live?