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Freewar (shortened FW) is a Browsergame, that has been develepode and continually expanded by a team around the initiator of the "hobby"-idea, Jirko Cernik (Nickname Sotrax). There are 16 different servers with together more than 100,000 accounts registered. Constantly about 2,500 players are playing.

Playing area[edit]

The game, that has been designed in style of fantasy, consists of multiple sceneries in a virtual world with imagination names like Konlir or Lorania. The player is moving step by step on a map made up of quadratic squares from room to room, where he can fight other Player- or Non-Player-Characters, collect experience, earn gold, solve quests, chaffer or use items


Freewar is, not as other browsergames, a real-time game and no strategic, but a role-playing game. Though there is a huge choice of game elements, which shape different "careers" (which aren't mentioned as this term in the game itself). If you play as an chafferer, impost or mage roaming through the world or if you earn gold as a market operator, you have to decide for yourself.

There are a lot of functional buildings in the game, like the auction hall, the stock exchange and the market hall, further shops with alternating prices and buildings, which regularly produce commodities.


Freewar is attendence free. By Sponsoring (one - time pay of 10 Euro for 4 months) you get special features, which are very comfortable, like putting Skills in a automatic line. However Sponsoring gives no advantage over Non-Sponsors. The operator Sotrax tries to avoid commercialisation on this way.