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This article is incomplete. Please help us and add the missing or correct the precarious (watch out for the ?) statements (prices of items, dropped gold from NPCs, etc.).

Unique-NPCs (simply Uniques, but this also can mean Unique-Item) are NPCs, which can kill only by single punches. At the same time never convert two of the same Unique NPCs on a World. The only exceptions are the Tower Ghosts, may have quite the same name several times and the Earth Skelkotrons, three times that exist in each world. Some Unique NPCs are able to move to other places or carry out actions independently.

Unique NPCs can sometimes Pickaxe drop, and to 80% a Spirit Shard.


Here is a table sorted on the strength of unique NPCs. For the alphabetical order see Category:Unique-NPCs.

Name A LP Killingtipps
Drained Energy Worm 1 1 none
Lola - The House Cat 2 10 none
Golden-Horned Goat 3 1 none
Fog Spirit Murahn 5 30 none
Ore Specialist 5 100 none
Earth-Skelkos 8 300 none
Grave Robber 8 120 none
Stone-Skelkos 8 120 none
Mage of the Dark Force 8 8.000 none
Fog Spirit Girie 9 300 none
Golden Octopus 10 8.000 none
Large Leaf Lurker 10 10.000 none
Toxic Spirit of Narubia 12 17.000 none
Kurnotan - The Dark Mage 14 500 none
Mutated Coloa Beetle 15 1.000 none
Fog Spirit Bargu 15 500 none
Copola Spider 16 1.000 none
Red Ice Coral 16 12.000 none
Demon Dog 20 2.000 none
Large Ice Tentacle 20 20.000 none
Jerodar Leader 20 150.000 none
Tower Ghost (Ghost from XY) 20 5.000 none
Fog Spirit Sorlie 21 600 none
Mud Shredder 24 10.000 none
Three-headed Watersnake 25 10.000 yes
Large Fog Shrieker 25 400.000 none
Weather Control Magician 25 10.000 none
Green Rotor-Dragonfly 26 50.000 none
Flying Deathfern 28 28.000 none
Fog Spirit Frorie 30 5.000 none
Shadow Creature Mantori 30 20.000 none
Fog Spirit Napirie 30 500 none
Sula Lizard 30 30.000 none
Dust Warrior 33 200.000 none
Geyser Gulper Mother 35 5.000 none
Pironian 35 10.000 none
Stone-Colossus 35 150.000 yes
Water Wraith 35 300.000 none
Tilua Plant 36 200.000 none
Fog Spirit Wrozie 40 960 none
Fog Spirit Viginur 50 6.000 none
Fog Spirit Nukarie 52 500.000 none
Shadow Creature Jalakori 55 30.000 none
Shadow Creature Gortari 85 30.000 none
Rampant-Root Tree 90 20.000 nein
Phasenverbrenner 110 15.000 none
Fog Spirit Argarie 124 20.000 none
Death-Fin Fish 150 500.000 yes
Shadow Creature Turwakori 350 30.000 none

General Killing Tipps[edit]

Usually, it is possible for almost all unique NPCs, kill them alone. However, it is better to kill them in groups and / or crossbows as the durchschlagende Armbrust use. Some NPCs, such as the Death-Fin Fish, it is necessary to fulfill a quest before this one at all can cause damage.
Unique NPCs are actually not difficult to kill. The really difficult are the groups of NPCs, which were previously not on the Unique NPCs.


The installation of the Unique NPCs happened on 31 January 2005. There were, however, only the Gift spirit of Narubia and the Mage of the Dark Force. The Copola Spider was transformed from a normal NPC to a unique NPC. On 19 In March 2005 limited Sotrax the attack damage to Unique NPCs to 250 points. This was, however, 3 days later reversed. On 7 April 2006, installed the first Unique NPCs that could only be killed in a group. These NPCs but were consistently at 31 May of that year, the Group NPCs.

Date Name Respawn
31.01.2005 Mage of the Dark Force Hewn
Copola Spider Ruins
Toxic Spirit of Narubia Narubia
16.02.2005 Tower Ghost Control Tower
26.02.2005 großer Blattalisk Lardikia
Red Ice Coral Korallenriff
Golden Octopus Insel der vergessenen Wellen
10.05.2005 dunkler Matschreißer Oberfläche
06.06.2005 Water Wraith Terasi
29.08.2005 Dust Warrior Delos
14.11.2005 Large Fog Shrieker Dranar
Kurnotan - the Dark Mage Dranar
07.12.2005 Large Ice Tentacle Eisige Höhle
01.01.2006 Jerodar Leader Cave of Thieves
30.01.2006 Tilua Plant Linya
01.02.2006 Golden-Horned Goat Surface
16.02.2006 Three-headed Watersnake Tiefenriff
06.03.2006 Lola - The House Cat Torin - The Gasthaus
29.05.2006 Sula Lizard Lorania - Sea of Peace
18.06.2006 Green Rotor-Dragonfly Brondor
04.09.2006 Stone Colossus Rock Island
15.11.2006 Flying Deathfern Limm
20.12.2006 Death-Fin Fish Crystal Watercave
21.06.2007 Mutierter Koloa-Käfer Koloa-Plantage
04.07.2007 Grave Robber Orewu
11.07.2007 Weather Control Magician Ferdolia - Wetterkontrollfestung
Stone-Skelkos Hewn
04.09.2007 Earth-Skelkos Surface
Pironian Beyond the Waterfall
24.10.2007 Geyser Gulper Mother Dorea
20.11.2007 ausgesaugter Energiewurm Dorea
23.11.2007 Demon Dog miscellaneous
22.02.2008 Fog Spirit Nukarie Sealed House
Fog Spirit Frorie Sealed House
21.04.2008 Fog Spirit Argarie Old Mill
Fog Spirit Bargu Old Mill
Fog Spirit Girie Old Mill
Fog Spirit Murahn Old Mill
Fog Spirit Napirie Old Mill
Fog Spirit Sorlie Old Mill
Fog Spirit Viginur Old Mill
Fog Spirit Wrozie Old Mill
28.05.2008 Rampant-Root Tree miscellaneous
12.1.2010 Phasenverbrenner miscellaneous