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The word Player talks about the real, physical person that uses a PC to play Freewar In Contrast to that, there is the Character, a virtual person in the game. You can have a Character of you create an Account.

An Account allows a Player to have only one Character. By creating more Accounts it is possible to have several Character. Nevertheless, it is not allowed to have more than one Account per Freewar World.

Your Character does not have to have your real Name. It can have a made up Name, a different Age and even a different Gender than the Player creating it.

This Separation between Player and Character enables the Player to try out sozial concepts that are totally different from his real world. It is for example possible to let your Character behave badly. The Game Freewar allows Theft and Betrayel without the authorities (Administrators and Moderators) interfering. The Community will most likely punish that behaviour though, which makes Freewar not that different from the real World.

For 10 Euros a Player can become a Sponsor of Freewar. This will give his Account and his Character several advantages. A player can pay this amount for all his Accounts to gain the advantages for all his Characters.