Tissue Worm

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Correct Background translation

gewebewurm.gif Tissue Worm
A small worm with thousands of incredibly sharp teeth in its mouth. You can use this worm to collect a Tissue Sample from any player on the same field. The worm will bite a small piece out of the player's tissue. The bitten player will lose one Life Point in the process, and the worm will die. The worm cannot be used on hallowed fields.
(Spell, level: 0)


Miscellaneous:   Prices:

Attention: These are default prices at the shops. The market price when trading with other players can vary greatly!

Example User removes a Tissue Sample from Example User with a Tissue Worm.
  • Leaves a Dead Tissue Worm in the Inventory.
  • Violates the player has been applied to the worm, to a maximum of 1 life. The injured player has then at least 1 life. Had these players before so 0 life points, he is cured by the bite of a life point. Had these players but 1 life before the bite, change his life points at all.

  • All versions prior to 2005/04/02 or subtract as many hit points that you can bring someone to 0 LP