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The Account of a Player is called Character. It is a virtual being and should not be mixed up with the Player: One Player can have several Characters, one for each Freewar World.

The Characters of one World can be distinguished by their names. The name, Gender and age of the Character can be different to that of the Player. A Sponsoraccount will only count for one Character.

In Freewar, the Characters of different Players can interact. This includes fighting, chatting, trading and casting Spells on each other.

If Characters get in a personal fight, Moderators care for a peaceful life for all. It should be remembered though that Theft and deception is allowed by the authorities.

In case of a Ban or Jailing, the Character is punished, not the Player. It is very important to keep your Password save, because your Character will maybe not be unbanned if it acted against the law.

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