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List of Abbreviations, which are often used in Freewar:

→ See also List of the Wikipedia
Shortcut Definition
A Attack Power
AF / AFW Action Freewar
AH / AuHa Auction Hall
afk Away from Keyboard
Aca(s) Academy(s)
bb soon (sometimes: bye bye or: bye for now!)
CoT Cave of Thieves
TS Thievery Spell
DM Dark Mage
Dg Drinkgold
CG Congratulation or congratulations
cMS Compressed Magic Sphere
CR Clan-Recall
CS Counterspell
FB Fire Bird, but mostly trained Fire Bird
FC Short of "False/Wrong Chat"
FL Friends List
FW Freewar
*g* / *gg* *giggling*
GdW Ghost of the World
gG Global Golden Rain
gHS Global Healing Spell
gc or g Gold coins
Gs Ghost Shield, Global Protection of the Mindless
VoR / QH Quest Hall, the branches in Delos, Snow Village und Mentoran
I / INT Intelligence
k Short for pounds, placed behind numbers (often in Goldcoins)

it means a thousand fold (1k = 1.000) or short form of "OK"

CoL Control of Light
TC Time Control
CZ Combat Zone
lc / *lc* *last cry*
lol *laughing out loud*
LP / Lp Life Points
ls / *ls* last shout (Chat)
M / Mio Short for mega. Often in combination with numbers (1M = 1.000.000)
M/S Human/Sorcerer
M/W Human/Worker or Human/Worker
MH / Maha Market Hall
NAP Non-Aggression Pact
np "no problem"
NPC Non Player Character
off offline
on online
CotP Cellar of the Post
PoMa Portal Machine
PK Playerkiller
Pls please
PvP Player vs Player, meaning the battle of two players.
QP Questperson
RL Real life, says real life, even real life.
RP Roleplay; also called for the Roleplaying-Game-Freewar
SLD Scroll of Life Detection
SoL Sword of Light
(S)Mod (Super)Moderator
Sponsi Sponsor Voucher
SB Stockbroker
SeFu Forum: Searchfunction
TS Short for Teamspeak.
TP Thieft Protection
thx / ty "thanks" e.g. "thank you"
UI Forum: User-Ideas
FP "Full Protection". An item with Thieft- and Death Protection
wb Welcome Back
ta Then again
XP / Xp Experience Points
WMM Wizard of the Mountain Meadows
SLK Spell of Limited Knowledge
SQK Spell of Quick Knowledge
SVQK Spell of Very Quick Knowledge
SotV Spell of the Void
MCK Magic Chest Knowledge