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Stock Exchange

You stand in front of a large building, the Stock Exchange. You can buy and sell shares of all the various corporations of this world. The share prices change according to supply and demand. This is a hallowed field, attacks are impossible.

Der Ort wurde gleichzeitig mit seinem Gebiet hinzugefügt.

(Coordinates: X:96, Y:106 in Area: Reikan 12px-Earth.png)


  • Users can buy and sell their shares or make a profit on ventures.
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This description contains ingame some spelling mistake(s):
It needs to be buys and sells since it's 3rd person.
Until the description is corrected ingame, the mistake shall exist here as well.
Example User buy XY shares of the Company
Example User sell XY shares of the Company


  • This is a Hallowed Field, attacks are impossible.
  • In addition to the trading users there are also Professional Merchants dealing at the stock exchange.
  • Detailed information about the current stock market prices in the different worlds can be found here.
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