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Disambig-dark.svg This article handels only one of the Bank branches.


Universal Bank

You stand in front of the Universal Bank. The building was constructed in the middle of a clearing in the forest. You can safely deposit gold and store items here. The bank pays 1% interest (but no more than 350 gold) per day on all gold deposits.

Der Ort wurde gleichzeitig mit seinem Gebiet hinzugefügt.

(Coordinates: X:92, Y:105 in Area: Forest of the Lonely Tree 12px-Earth.png)


  • Depositing/withdrawing Gold
Exampleuser deposit XY Gold.
Exampleuser withdraws XY Gold.

The bank charges half a gold per day for each item you keep in your deposit boxes. The daily fee is automatically deducted from your account.

Exampleuser stores one ExampleItem in a bank deposit box.
Exampleuser removes one ExampleItem from a bank deposit box.


  • This is a Hallowed Field, attacks are impossible.
  • This is a hallowed field, attacks are impossible.
  • If you move the mouse over an item in the list of deposit box content, its descriptions including item-specific characteristics (remaining applications, etc.) are displayed.
  • It is possible to get a negative account balance due to the deposit box costs. The limit is -30,000 Gold.


  • Am 18. Dezember 2008 bekam die Bank ein neues Bild, da sie sich laut Sotrax einen kleinen Vorgarten angelegt habe. Es unterscheidet sich nur minimal vom alten Bild.
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