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In Freewar Items are called Spells if they are useable. By using a Spell normally there is an immediate effect (except for Counterspells) that influences the player, or other Characters, NPCs, Herbs or Items.

Next to the name of every Spell in the Inventory are brackets enclosing the letter S signalling the Item being a Spell and, separated by a colon, the Level of the Spell (it is a vague statement about the power of the Spell).

In Shops, the Universal Bank and the Market Hall, Spells are classified as Spells and other functional Items. There are some magic Spells that dissolve after some time.

Requirements to use a Spell[edit]

In most cases the Character has to fulfil some requirements to use a Spell. These can be:

Some Spells are bound to certain Areas, like the Surface of the World. If a Charcter tries to use such an Item outside of the certain Area, an error message like this is being displayed:
You can only lock a Green Magic Spheres to a location on the world's surface. (while trying to lock a Green Magic Sphere in a Dungeon)

Limit of Utilizations[edit]

Some Spells can be used without limit (like the Notepad). Others have a certain number of utilizations (like the Compressed Magic Sphere) or can be used just a single time (like the Serum of Death). Often a certain amount of time has to pass until the Spell can be used again.

All Spells can be found here.