Market Hall of Lardikia

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Market Hall of Lardikia

This used to be an empty house, until one day a few merchants came here and decided to set up a branch of the Market Hall of Konlir. The Market Halls are directly connected, and everything that is sold here can be purchased in Konlir and vice versa. This is a hallowed field, attacks are impossible.

Der Ort wurde gleichzeitig mit seinem Gebiet hinzugefügt.

(Coordinates: X:117, Y:113 in Area: Lardikia 12px-Earth.png)


  • Buy items in the Market Hall: The list of currently offered Items is divided into five categorys:
    • Weapons (List cheapest items only)
    • Armours (List cheapest items only)
    • Amulets (List cheapest items only)
    • Spells and other functional items (List cheapest items only)
    • Other (List cheapest items only)

  • Put items up for sale in the Market Hall

Putting an item up for sale costs you a fee of 5 gold plus 5% of the price you charge for the item. You can reduce the fee by learning the Marketing Skill; however, there is a minimum fee of 3 gold per item. The item will be for sale in the Market Hall for 24 hours. As soon as someone buys it, you will receive the gold. If no one buys it, it will be stored in one of your bank deposit boxes. (The fee of the market hall will be retained in any case.)

You can not put item in the market hall, if your Bank Account is in the negative range.

Exampleuser puts Exampleitem up for sale in the Market Hall for XY gold each.

or for multiple sales

Exampleuser puts XYx Exampleitem up for sale in the Market Hall for XY gold each.
  • Remove one of your own items from the market

An item, which you yourself have been released for sale, you can also take back from the sale. This service is free.

Exampleuser removes one Exampleitem from the market.
  • A Item buy

For all the above categories you can buy an item for gold, which one gets immediately put into the inventory.

Exampleuser pseudonym buys Exampleitem for XY gold each.

The Mirror of Market Hall works on the same principle.

Exampleuser can be Exampleitem for XY gold each from the Market Hall send
  • It is not possible to sell items to more than 2,000,000 gold coins:
The Market Operator refuses to sell an item at that price, since no one would buy anyway.


  • This is a Hallowed Field, attacks are impossible.
  • Items with the same price and same vendor are combined
  • Summary items can be purchased in great numbers Multiple Purchase.
  • A magic item can only be for sale if it is still preserved for at least 36 hours is
  • There may be several items at once offered for sale
  • Behind the item names of the Theft (DS) and the protection against loss due to death (TS) is visible
  • On clicking the column "List cheapest items only" will be automatically selected category offers only the best selected and displayed.
  • In Mirror of Market Hall there are special categories 'plants and 'magic items not.

→ see also: Tipps/Tricks:Market Hall

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