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Buran is an area with many houses. Buran is known for its many passages, the cellars. With a little luck you will get into the outer Areas of Buran and can come to the portal, which is also a Quest. With even more luck to get into the very popular Gold Appeal. It should be noted, that the basement rotate continuously and therefore no firm statement can be made, how e.g. reach the northern area. Important buildings here are the Auction Hall, the Forge and the Slaughterhouse, which are distributed over the whole area.

Known NPCs are Undead citizens, Roachatron and the Wall Slime.
Buran is bordered to the south by the Lost Valley, in the east Hewn and on the west Sutrania.

Release date unknown.

The dungeon was after the map of Sotrax and PrinzessinKim created.

Actual informations to this area, can you find in the Overview of important places and the Fields list.

Quests: This area belongs to one or more Quests.

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