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A long time ago Itolos was a gigantic mountain range, the tallest in the entire world. No one had ever successfully climbed to the top, though many had tried and lost their lives. One day there was a massive explosion, and the top of the range was blasted off the mountain mass. The top of the range now floats in the clouds, high above the ragged krater. The air up here is very thin. This makes breathing very difficult, well-nigh impossible. You would expect the slow careening of the island to be unsettling, but actually it is quite soothing. The thought that this part of Itolos was never made to be on the ground, but meant to be in the clouds, crosses your mind. The longer you stay up here, the more this thought becomes a conviction. This mountain top was never meant to be earthbound, and you are sure that the range caused the explosion itself somehow so that it could finally float in the heavens, where it belongs.

Release date unknown.

The dungeon was after the map of Hauser created.

Actual informations to this area, can you find in the Overview of important places and the Fields list.


  • Itolos can only be reached by Teleportation Items with a random target point, e.g. Soul Spheres.
  • You can jump off of almost every edge of Itolos. You will land on a random field on the island, but there is a 1:300 chance of landing somewhere on the surface of the world.
ExampleUser jumps off the edge of the hovering island into the clouds and vanishes from sight. A short while later s/he is dragged back upwards by the strong winds surrounding Itolos, and lands somewhere on the island.
ExampleUser is dragged to this place by strong winds.
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