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As a region we mean a contiguous geographic area or an area in Freewar which is usually associated with a topic. So one can, for example, the Area immediately Gobos, which is a Forest Area, from Wilisia, depicting a snowy landscape to distinguish. Areas are usually re-installed the whole in Freewar, an exception for example is Laree, which was partially installed. When a new area will be created in Freewar, this is in Forum listed under announcements. For each Area there is a whole Article here in FreewarWiki explains exactly what everything on the field.

The Freewar-World is huge and is constantly expanding to new Areas.

The CompleteMap is as follows:

Gesamtkarte Kontinent (automatisch generiert).jpg
Map Narubia (automatically generated).jpg
Map Itolos (automatically generated).jpg
Map Frozen Island (automatically generated).jpg
Map Belpharia Islands (automatically generated).jpg
Map Darkfrost Island (automatically generated).jpg

Click on a place on the map indicates the corresponding area. A larger, interactive map here.