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On Hallowed Fields, also called Places of Peace, it is not possible to be attacked by other Players. Also, Thievery Spells and most Spells that harm other Players can not be used there. Nevertheless, it is not true that no harm can come to you on a Hallowed Field. Players my spy on you with certain Spells, incapacitate you, steal Life Points or Experience from you, bite you with a Large Tissue Worm or pacify you.

One thing is for sure: It is not possible for a Player to transport you from a Hallowed Field to an unsafe field without your agreement. This used to be possible with the Summoning Spell, the Bash and the Clan Distress Call. Those bugs were fixed to keep Hallowed Fields safe.

Famous Hallowed Fields[edit]

The Birthplace of all Races, some Healing places, and all Banks are Hallowed Fields. Most of the Shops belong to the Hallowed Fields, as well as many other fields in the game, for rule-keeping aspects, role play athmosphere and sometimes less clear reasons (like the Twin Hill in Nawor). The Lake of Peace in Lorania is an area, that contains only Hallowed Fields. The Magic Lab in Laree is safe too, as many powerful Spells can be produced there.


Normally, there are no NPCs on Hollowed Fields. Exceptions are:

NPCs, that are able to move, can also enter Hallowed Fields.

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