Phase Creatures

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Since 22 July 2009, the World has been explored by new Invasion-NPCs - the Phase Creatures.

They only live for a few hours after appearing somewhere on the Surface, in a Dungeon (except for the Duel Zone) and even on Places of Peace.

The air flickers and a phase creature appears on this field
Example-NPC dissolves.

After chasing away a Phase Creature it can respawn like a normal NPC.

Example-NPC appears on this field.

All Phase Creatures drop Phase Spheres at a certain probability (1:15, increasable up to 2:15 with the Skill Phase Theory), which can be used to produce the Meal Phase Mash or the Archaeology Spell.

If you are have your own Phase Energy, you will gain 1 to 25 Phase Energy Points when killing a Phase Creature.

Example User accumulates XY Phase Energy Points by killing a Phase creature.

Known Phase Creatures:

Phase Creatures can not be revived by Spell triggered Respawn, the Skill Hunting or Weather effects, unless they were previously chased away, shrunken or died of a Viral Epidemic.