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The Inn in Torin is a place to meet, to drink in a cozy atmosphere and something to retire to the existing rooms. Only here it is possible to rent a field for an hour, which then can be entered only by persons with a key.
12px-Earth.png Tavern

The Dungeon is a part of the area Torin.

  • You will find a detailed list of all fields in this dungeon here.
  • The entire dungeon is peaceful, attacks are impossible here.
  • Anyone can sit at the tables, leading to a purely playful effect.
    • Random user sits down at the table.
    • Random user sits down at the table and assertively inspects the guests around him.
    • Random user sits down at the table next to a burly guy and a pretty woman, which look pretty drunk.
    • As Random user sits down, the chair almost collapses under him. You can hear roars of laughter from the back of the room.
    • As Random user sits down, accosted him at one of the guys and bawls: Hey, this is our table, go away.
  • You can purchase at the bar food and beverages for direct consumption.
  • You can walk up the stairs 1st Floor.
Random user walks up the stairs.
  • In this dungeon, there is at least one Quest.