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The Natla are an old race of night creatures who survive through trade. They are the only race who lives in peace with all other races. Attention: The Natla take up a special role in Freewar. As they are at peace with all other races, it takes a lot of suspense and excitement from the game when playing this race. This race should only be chosen by players who do not want to be involved in any fights with other players.
Place of Birth: The Site of Commerce
Startwerte:   Special Skill:

Scavenging Aura
What is a Special Skill?

Weapons:   Armour:
The named weapons and armour are only for this race Natla. You can also use weapns and armour, which can be used by all races. (→ Have a look at: Weapons and Armour).
Shops belonging to this race Natla:
Skill Bonus: