Fireplace (Sutrania)

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sumpf9.jpg The Fireplace
A small fire gives off smoke between some lone trees. A wogdar - a rarely seen forest sprite - crouches in front of it. He speaks to you: "Actually I wanted to hunt the mud shredder, but it's not here. I think it has fled far away; hunting it is quite a challenge. But there is one way that I heard of: The shy creature freezes with fear if there are several people close by. So you have to lure him to a place with enough people in one spot. Well, sooner or later I will find the mud shredder, hunt it down and eat it. In the meantime, buy some of my commodities, so that I can keep my head above water." The wodgar offers various goods. This is a hallowed field, attacks are impossible.
(Coordinates: X:71, Y:90 in the Area: Sutrania 12px-Earth.png)
Function: Miscellaneous:
Range of goods:

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