Cunning Stororaptor

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Disambig-dark.svg This article describes the strongest version of the Stororaptors. There is also the common Stororaptor and the Young Stororaptor.
daki_reich_der_seelen_17.jpg The Misty Marsh

Attack Power: ???
X: 223 Y: 541
daki_reich_der_seelen_04.jpg The Misty Marsh

Attack Power: ???
X: 225 Y: 540
storo.gif Cunning Stororaptor (AGGRESSIVE) (NPC)
This Stororaptor is fully grown and a very experienced hunter. It stalks its prey slowly and strikes without mercy. You should only approach this kind of animal with extreme caution.
Attack Power: 710 or 1630
Items:   Life Points: 105,000 or 551,000 LP
Experience: 1 XP   Occurrence:
Gold: 25 Gold

When dying, this NPC deducts some Life Points from the player.

The Young Stororaptor injures Exampleuser with its claws right before its death. He/She loses XY Life Points.
  • WARNING: This NPC is able to attack and kill a player, at the earliest 2 seconds after s/he stepped onto the field!