Misty Marsh

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Misty Marsh
The Misty Marsh is an obscure and very dangerous place at Belron, where you can find nature, of which it is stated that they would lost a long time.
The dungeon was added on 04.03.2010 and was created using the map of Daki.
12px-Earth.png Misty Marsh

The Dungeon is a part of the area Belron.

  • You will find a detailed list of all fields in this dungeon here.
  • To enter the dungeon, you have to pay a fee 70 to 50,000 gold. The price changes about every ten days.
  • After a maximum of one hour will be brought from the dungeon. This also occurs if you try to enter the dungeon without pay.
Random user was grabbed by a Fog Slimer and borne out of the Misty Marsh.
Random user which one out of Fog Slimer from the Misty Marsh.