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Disambig-dark.svg This article describes the common Stororaptor. There are also the Young Stororaptor and the Cunning Stororaptor.
storo.gif Stororaptor (NPC)
Stororaptors are fast primeval hunters. They were long said to be extinct, but the Stororaptors have survived in the underground Misty Marsh for all these years. They are feared because of their large claws and razor-sharp teeth. In battle, a raptor is extremely quick and agile.
Attack Power: 480
Items:   Life Points: 68,000 LP
Experience: 1 XP   Occurrence:
Gold: 18 Gold

When dying, this NPC deducts 1 to 500 Life Points from the player.

The Stororaptor injures Exampleuser with its claws right before its death. He/She loses XY Life Points.