Zeolite Mine

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Zeolite Mine

The entrance to the Zeolite Mine is completely blocked up and the mine has collapsed. But members of each race have already made plans for rebuilding the mine and are gathering wood. Whichever race gathers 2000 pieces of wood first, will rebuild the entrance and the mine and can then enter it. This is a hallowed field, attacks are impossible.

Der Ort wurde gleichzeitig mit seinem Gebiet hinzugefügt.

(Coordinates: X:77, Y:85 in Area: Ardenia 12px-Earth.png)


The mine can be rebuilt by delivering 2000 Timber for your own Race.

ExampleUser delivers 1 piece of wood for the race ExampleRace.
ExampleUser delivers XY pieces of wood for the race ExampleRace.
  • When a race rebuilds the entrance of the mine, it is announced via Worldsay.
The race ExampleRace has rebuilt the entrance to the Zeolite Mine. All members of that race can enter the Zeolite Mine now.


  • This is a Hallowed Field, attacks are impossible.
  • If a Clan-Member, who is of a different race than the race that opened the mine, uses a Clan Pursuit Spell to get to a player in the mine, then the player will be thrown out of the mine.
ExampleUser is thrown out of the mine.
  • When the mine collapses and a player is still in there, the player will lose 3 LP and is thrown out of the mine.
The Zeolite Mine collapses with a loud rumble.
With his/her last ounce of strength ExampleUser drags himself/herself out of the collapsing mine.
  • When the mine collapses, the timber collected by the other races will still be there.
  • When more timber than necessary to rebuild the mine was delivered, the surplus will be added to the amount of delivered wood for the race, therefore it is not lost.



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