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Ardenia is a land at the sea. It is famous for the powerful option of preserving Items against the loss because of death there. The area is rather short. It borders Sutrania in the south, Kolun in the west and Buran in the east. Common NPCs are the Ghostroach, the Meadow Snake and the Dark Sandcrab.

Release date unknown.

The dungeon was after the map of Zak und Winzig (Mine) created.

Actual informations to this area, can you find in the Overview of important places and the Fields list.

Quests: This area belongs to one or more Quests.


On 26th March 2007 Swellstone Mountains added.

Gesamtkarte Kontinent (automatisch generiert).jpg
Map Narubia (automatically generated).jpg
Map Itolos (automatically generated).jpg
Map Frozen Island (automatically generated).jpg
Map Belpharia Islands (automatically generated).jpg
Map Darkfrost Island (automatically generated).jpg