Phase Weasel

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Disambig-dark.svg Refers to one of the different kinds of Phase Creatures.
phawiesel.gif Phase Weasel (NPC)
This Phase Weasel seems to be gazing through you, as if it were looking at something right behind you. Whatever it is, it seems to frighten the weasel greatly.
Attack Power: 1
Items:   Life Points: 8 LP
Experience: 1 XP   Occurrence:

All over the World (Surface and Dungeons), except in the Duel Zone.

Gold: 1 Gold


  • This NPC dissolves after a certain amount of time .
Phase Weasel dissolves.
  • When killing this NPC, any Amulet will be activated 95% less than usual.
  • This NPC cannot be summoned, except it was chased away previously.