Phase Skelkos

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phaskelkos.gif Phase Skelkos (Party-NPC)
You immediately notice that this Skelkos is different than the other Phase creatures. It retained all its powers during the transition, and it seems to be thoroughly enjoying its current state of existence. It occurs to you that it might have triggered the transition itself for some reason... perhaps so it can hunt for prey in this realm. Attack Power: 75.
Attack Power: 75


Life Points: 10.000 LP
Experience: 1 XP   Respawn:
  • Everywhere on the world
    This NPC will respawn in this area. If it is able to move on its own, you will also find it in other regions.
Gold: 1 Gold


  • This NPC absorbs the entire damage, except for the additional damage generated by the party members located on the same field:
Phase Skelkos absorbs XY points of damage.
  • This NPC bids a 10x higher chance for all Drop-Items.