The Cannon of the Giants

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The Cannon of the Giants

An enormous cannon was placed on the eastern edge of the hovering island. You feel small and insignificant in comparison to this impressive machine. You can hardly imagine what the people who built and handled this piece of machinery actually looked like, the sheer thought of their size dazzles your mind. You notice that you can climb into the barrel of the cannon, however, you wonder whether that would be wise.

Der Ort wurde gleichzeitig mit seinem Gebiet hinzugefügt.

(Coordinates: X:261, Y:93 in Area: Itolos 12px-Earth.png)


  • If someone steps into the cannon, they will land on a random field on the surface of the world, or on another field in Itolos.
ExampleUser climbs into the barrel of the Cannon of the Giants. The cannon knows immediately what is expected from it, and fires him/her far into the wide world below.
ExampleUser flies through the air with breathtaking speed and eventually lands roughly on the ground. She/He is not quite sure what just happened.



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