Gigantic Spindle Strider

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- Gigantic Spindle Strider (NPC)
Spindle Striders are enormous creatures, whose strength varies greatly. This Spindle Strider has reached gigantic dimensions. Its long legs lift its body high into the sky, from where it looks down on the world.
Attack Power: 1.500-10.000
Items:   Life Points: 225.000-1.500.000 LP
Experience: 0 XP   Occurrence:
Gold: 2 Gold


  • The Life Points always be amount to the 150-times the attack power of the Gigantic Spindle Strider.
  • This NPC has a special chat text when it appears:
  • You can not land here with Soul Spheres.
  • This NPC resolves itself after some time (between 10 minutes and 2 hours).
    • The Small Spindle Strider dissolves.