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pironer.gif Pironian (Unique-NPC)
Pironians are intelligent plants that have limited mobility. The Pironian people have been extinct for a few centuries. Now, only scant remains are left of what was once a great civilization.
Attack Power: 35


  Life Points: 10.000 LP
Experience: 1 XP   Respawn:
  • Beyond the Waterfall
    This NPC will respawn in this area. If it is able to move on its own, you will be able to find it in other regions as well.
Gold: 25 Gold
Quest: This NPC belongs to a quest.  
  • This NPC has special characteristics that make a kill more difficult. On the Detail-Page you find further information.
  • after the Pironian's death the following message appears:
With a last effort the Pironian whispers: "You will never find our city, Piron, nor discover what really happened. But one day we will return, and on that day the plants will reclaim this world as their own."
  • This NPC does not accumulate a gold bonus.
  • This NPC image was created by Nyrrti.