Spindle Strider

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spindel3.gif Spindle Strider (NPC)
Spindle Striders are enormous creatures whose strength varies greatly. The existence of these beasts defies the laws of nature. They evolve within seconds out of spores released by Spore Carriers, and grow at an astronomical rate. The origin of these creatures has been traced back to a disease which occurred in Belron a long time ago. Scientists have been experimenting with the spores for years, but no Spindle Strider was ever successfully bred in the lab. The unique conditions of Belron must be a determining factor.
Attack Power: 10-1500
Items:   Life Points: 1.500-225.000 LP
Experience: 0 XP   Occurrence:
Gold: 1 Gold


  • The Life Points always be amount to the 150-times the attack power of the Spindle Strider.
  • This NPC has a special chat text when it appears:
    • Tiny spores sink to the ground, and within seconds a Spindle Strider has grown to its full size.
  • You can not land here with Soul Spheres.
  • This NPC resolves itself after some time (between 10 minutes and 2 hours).
    • The Spindle Strider dissolves.