Living Mountain

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Living Mountain

A massive mountain towers in front of you. The air is filled with swirling sand which manifests into a large sand creature which starts talking to you: "I am a Tarunan as you can see, but I am not like the others. The war with the Humans and Onlos is of no interest to me. The only thing I care about is this mountain, and I am willing to defend it at all costs. There is not a single day when I don't learn from the mountain or the mountain from me. Bring me an item of your choice and I will protect it from theft for all eternity. Yes, only those who are honest and pure of heart will prevail in front of this mountain." After a short while he adds: "If you already have knowledge of Theft Protection, it will be easier for me to protect your item."

Der Ort wurde gleichzeitig mit seinem Gebiet hinzugefügt.

(Coordinates: X:99, Y:113 in Area: Mentoran 12px-Earth.png)


You can protect items against theft for each 2,500 gc.



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