Greater Jerodar Thievery Spell

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schrumpfzauber.gif Greater Jerodar Thievery Spell
With the Greater Jerodar Thievery Spell you can steal up to 5 items from any player on your field if those items have not been protected from theft. This spell steals the items with the highest shop value. The person will notice the theft, but will not know who did the stealing. This spell can also steal equipped Weapons and Armour. You can only use this spell in the cave of the Jerodar Thieves Clan.
(Spell, level: 4)
Requirements:   Origin:



Attention: This is an item the price of which varies a lot compared to the default prices when trading with other players. Details can be found here.

  • Steals the 5 Items with the highest Sell Price, that have not been protected from theft, from the Inventory of the targeted player.
Using a Greater Jerodar Thievery Spell XY items were stolen from ExampleUser