Jerodar Leader

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jerodar.gif Jerodar Leader (Unique-NPC)
The Leader of the Jerodar Thieves Clan . His face is veiled with a dark mask and he is completely dressed in black. The Jerodar Leader cannot be marked by a Clan or a Party.
Attack Power: 20


  Life Points: 150.000 LP
Experience: 5 XP   Respawn:
  • Cave of Thieves
    This NPC will respawn in this area. If it is able to move on its own, you will be able to find it in other regions as well.
Gold: 90 Gold
  • The Jerodar Leader steals Items from players with a chance of 1:30 which are not Theft protected.
  • The Jerodar Leader cant be marked by a party or clan.
  • The Jerodar Leader drops all items which were stolen from other players.
  • This NPC can move.
Jerodar Leader leaves the field heading...
  • The Jerodar Leader is a member of the Jerodar-Clan.
  • This NPC image was created by Nyrrti.