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There are 3 types of standard prices in Freewar below:

Database Standard Rate[edit]

Short: DB-Standard Price or often simply referred to as the standard price.

The DB-Standard Price is the price of an item, which is so stored in the database of Freewar. This price is constant, that means he never changes. Should he still be changed, then that is only possible through personal manipulation of an Administrators.

This is true in general, only the newly created items, that means the old items are automatically Antiquities and are in the inventory is no longer stacked together.

The DB-Standard Price is the basis for the calculation of all other prices, which are visible in Freewar.

Shopping Standard Price[edit]

The standard purchase price is defined as follows:

  1. The shop where you can purchase that item, is always constant prices (Race-Shops)
    → The purchase price corresponds to the standard purchase
  2. The shop where you can purchase that item, which varies according to the normal system (affects nearly all shops)
    → The purchase price corresponds to the DB-standard purchase
  3. An item is either in a fluctuating, as well as in a non-volatile shop.
    → The purchase price corresponds to the DB-standard purchase
  4. An item can not be purchased in shops (NPC-Items, Drop-Items, Items from the Auction Hall etc.)
    → In this case one uses the term Shopping Standard Price not.

Sale Default Price[edit]

The Sale Default Price equivalent to half the standard price DB.

It is often mistakenly assumed, the Sale Default Price, was the half original price. This was incorrect, some stores (especially the Race-Shops) give a bonus to the purchase, so that it is offered in the shop getting cheaper, as the DB standard price. Accordingly, we can sell these items more expensive than.

Equally wrong is the assumption, the sale price was at a shop always equal to the standard sales price, because some stores, such as the Natla-Shop always give a sales bonus.

Handling with the Standard Price[edit]

None of the Standard Prices specifies the stores actually achievable in the value of items, when it is sold in the shop. In a shop can be up to 15% higher prices when selling and achieve up to 15% lower prices when shopping.

For this purpose, see: Shopsystem

Also is the Standard Price not equal to the Market Value of an item in the respective world; this may vary according to demand lower than, but also far beyond, and varies from world to world. This is concerned that Marketprice-Project.