Fern Forest (Fish Creature)

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Fern Forest

You see a little river between the trees. You cannot hear the water flowing, however, and in fact the area is bathed in tranquil silence. At the bank of the river cowers a creature with a fish head. The fish creature speaks to you in a quiet and docile manner: "Do not be alarmed, I may be able to speak, but I am really just a bewitched Glodo Fish, and I wish nothing more than to help my fellows. This river has the ability to revive dead fish, and I am building entire fish schools here to make the fish feel better. Bring me 15 Glodo Fish and you shall receive a small taster of this river's revitalising powers."

Der Ort wurde gleichzeitig mit seinem Gebiet hinzugefügt.

(Coordinates: X:57, Y:85 in Area: Limm 12px-Earth.png)


  • The Place is part of a Quest.



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