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Experience also known as XP (experience points), are the measure of the experience of a player character.

There are several ways to get XP:

The more XP a character acquires, the higher there rise his attributes. One receives following:

  • 1 point Intelligence all 83 1/3 XP
  • 1 point Strength (Attack Power) all 100 XP
  • 1 point Defence all 250 XP

In addition, the XP of a character must be higher than his Academy Limit to be able to visit academy courses and to be able to attack other player characters.

One can lose points of experience by:

  • Death in the attack on a NPC (2% of his XP, however maximum 200 XP)
  • Death in the fight against a player (the inferior loses 2% of his XP, however maximum 200 XP to his conqueror)
  • Use of special Items, as for example Nectar Beer or Furgor Mushroom
  • Healing at special places, as for example to the Tavern or the Healing Tree
  • Coaching of clan members (max. 100 XP/8 hrs)
  • The suction of experience points in the Dark Tower

Attention: This is Item with which the price deviates in the Player-to-Player-Market as a rule clearly from the standard price. You find details here.

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