Furgor Mushroom

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furgorpilz.gif Furgor Mushroom (M)
A tiny mushroom with a slightly dusty cap. Eating the mushroom will restore 10 Life Points, however you will also lose 1 Experience Point. This is caused by the active toxic component contained in the mushroom. It clouds the mind and bedazzles you for a little while. These mushrooms rot after 2 days.
(Spell, level: 0)


  • This is a magic item that will dissipate over 2 days.
  • Eines der wenigen Items, die per Mehrfachkauf gekauft werden können.
  • If you have 0 XP the mushroom will not heal the user.
  • If you have entire LP the will not make you loose one XP.

Attention: These are default prices at the shops. The market price when trading with other players can vary greatly!

Example User isst einen Furgorpilz und ist wieder um 10 Lebenspunkte fitter.