Red Ice Coral

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roteiskoralle.gif Red Ice Coral (Unique-NPC)
A giant red coral that sparkles. The water around the coral seems to be frozen. The coral is very sensitive to fire damage, but then there are very few ways to create a fire that burns under water.
Attack Power: 16


  Life Points: 12,000 LP
Experience: 4 XP   Respawn:
  • Lardikia - Coral Reef
    This NPC will respawn in this area. If it is able to move on its own, you will be able to find it in other regions as well.
Gold: 2 Gold
Quest: This NPC belongs to a quest.  
  • Can only be killed by a quest.
    • If hit differently, the Red Ice Coral heals itself completely.
The wounds of the Red Ice Coral seal themselves and it regenerates all Life Points.
  • A single hit can not make more damage than 10,000 LP.
  • This NPC image was created by Nyrrti.