Greystone Bear

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graustein.gif Greystone Bear (NPC)
Greystone Bears were discovered quite recently. Experts claim that it is a newly created species - they are probably a by-product of an experiment in Laree. So far all Greystone Bears have given the impression of being peaceful. However, when they are provoked, they develop extraordinary strength. You can never be sure how strong such a bear is until you have provoked it.
Attack Power: 10-1.000
Items:   Life Points: 4.800 LP
Experience: 1 XP   Occurrence:
  • Laree - The Forest of Stones
Gold: 15 Gold


  • Since the attack power of this NPC is variing it will be shown as unknown in the ingame description. You can either find it out by striking once or be trying to attack and being killed by it eventually.
  • This NPC picture was created by Nyrrti.