Gravel Caterpillar

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This description contains ingame some spelling mistake(s):
doesn't -> does not (formal English, guys)
Until the description is corrected ingame, the mistake shall exist here as well.
schotter.gif Gravel Caterpillar (NPC)
Gravel Caterpillars normally move very slowly across meadows and swallow small pieces of gravel on their way, which they spit out again later. This behaviour makes absolutely no sense to you, however, that doesn't stop the caterpillars from doing it.
Attack Power: 5
Items:   Life Points: 40 LP
Experience: 1 XP   Occurrence:
Gold: 18 Gold


  • The death of this NPC causes to a certain probability a Gravel Lichen to grow.
A Gravel Lichen instantly sprouts out of the remains of the Gravel Caterpillar.
  • This NPC picture was created by Nyrrti.