Bone Collector

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- Bone Collector (NPC)
A curious, wrinkled creature kneels on the ground, and it looks like he's trying to pull bones from the earth. As he becomes aware of you he says: "Did you see the Onlo Skeletons? If you meet one, kill it; it is for a good cause. I urgently need three Onlo Bones, that is the only way I can brew the Spell of Indoctrination. With this spell you can bring those pitiful creatures who have lost their way back onto the right track. So please bring me three of those Onlo Bones so that I can make you such a spell."
Attack Power: 5
Items:   Life Points: 55 LP
Experience: 2 XP   Occurrence:
Gold: 57 Gold

This NPC belongs to a Quest.


  • This NPC does not collect any bonus.