Giant Dragonfly

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forest2.jpg Forest of the Lonely Tree  
X: 95 Y: 103
step13.jpg Nawor - Bushes  
X: 99 Y: 106
step13.jpg Nawor - Bushes  
X: 104 Y: 106
forest.jpg Konlir - The Lost Forest  
X: 99 Y: 101
wies2.jpg Terbat - The Green Meadow  
X: 111 Y: 100
wies2.jpg Terbat - The Green Meadow  
X: 108 Y: 98
riesenlibelle.gif Giant Dragonfly (NPC)
A giant blue dragonfly, which is sipping nectar from a forest flower. When it beats its wings it produces a deep buzzing sound.
Attack Power: 2
Items:   Life Points: 10 LP
Experience: 1 XP   Occurrence:
Gold: 34 Gold


  • This NPC picture was created by Nyrrti.